Barnevernet took 12-year old Canadian Boy from his parents like a criminal


A 12 year old boy, without any good reason, without any cause and without any legal ground, was brutally taken away from his mother and father.

In a Facebook video the Canadian mother says that she removed her 12 year old son from school and homeschooled him, because he received death threats from classmates. In a comment on Facebook she wrote that she has been homeschooling him only for a short time in the New Year and that she had informed ‚Barnervernet‘ about this.

But instead of offering help to the family in finding a solution with the bad situation at school, the authorities came to remove the boy from his parents. As can be seen in the video, the son runs away and the two case workers chase him and finally they topple him and one of the men sits on top of him to prevent his escape, and the boy is screaming in total despair. A 12 year old boy!!! A boy who was teased and threatened at school is now being brutalised and attacked by Norway’s authorities.

Norway’s Child Welfare services ‚Barnevernet‘, with the help of the police chase the boy. It doesn’t seem like they can comprehend how totally traumatising this will be for the child. Apparently this is what Norway’s „best interest of the child“ sadly looks like. Just because he didn’t go to school, and the parents were now homeschooling him instead, Norway’s Barnevernet consider this as a form of neglect.

The mother Terese Kristiansen explains: „My only child was going to send this letter to Barnevernet (Norway’s CWS).“

Kai’s letter to Barnevernet, begging them to stop the non-stop harassment of his family:

„My family has been harassed by you since me and my family came to norway for the very first time. I can’t explain how my family is suffering because of you. Your State makes it impossible for me to learn at school and at home. Then again your State wont let my mum work and this makes us poor. My mum is sick and tired of your harassing. My dad is too. His hair was falling out from stress caused by your State. The point is that we want to stop being harassed by you just from some major things like UDI and NAV and my schooling.

We want to be Free. We feel like we are being held prisoners here in Norway. Second, I’m scared like crap when you bang on the door and harass us. I feel like Jerry the mouse and you guys are Tom the cat. I feel like you are trying to eat me and I’m running for cover. This is enough, we can’t stand it. I’m always shaking when I’m at home because of you and I don’t feel safe with you breathing down my neck. Kai „

Evil is not a strong enough term to describe Norway’s child welfare system. The cruelty towards families and their children in Norway must stop. Even under communism, family was still held far more in esteem than it is today in Norway. This sick experience this family has experienced is similar to thousands of others in Norway, but the world continues to stay silent.

(stepup 4childrens rights)

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