Pulpit Rock with estimated 275000 tourists this year. – More and more from Korea, China and Taiwan.


chnt-MMAP-mdPulpit Rock is a 604 meter high cliff above Lysefjord in Rogaland, south west Norway. It was probably made by frost-induced leaks for 10,000 years ago. Geologists have concluded that Pulpit Rock is safe although many think that the plateau will crack doẃn one day. The Rock became a tourist destination more than 100 years ago, when Stavanger Trekking Association began using this mountain crag as a major hiking destination.
In 1949, STF brought up Preikestolhytta. It was without road connection until 1961. Now the parking lot takes 1000 cars.

The path up is 3.8 km long with a height difference of 330 meters. Normal runtime up is two hours each way, but a man from Rogaland run up and down within 70 minutes this summer.

Tore Nærland and Ole Tom Guse are both members of Bike for Peace and Mayors for Peace. Naerland as its president bikes all over the world and wants at the same time to promote Norway. His home county Rogaland has the most variety of landscape in Norway with plain along the coast and deep fjords with high steep mountains.

– Haven been more then 50 times to China and 3 times to Taiwan I would like more Chinese to explore my county, Nærland told a reporter from the local newspaper Strandbuen (photo).

– In May I gave President Ma of Taiwan a yellow shirt and invited him to bike in Norway and climb the Pulpit Rock.


Photo shows from left Gary Cheng, Joyce Cheng, Jane Hsieh, Yvonne Cheng, (all from Taiwan), Mayor Ole Tom Guse and Tore Naerland.

Ole Tom Guse is Mayor of Forsand municipality including the Pulpit Rock. Together with Naerland he took a walk up to feel the mood of the tourists. Walking up or down the mountain it was rear to hear Norwegian, it was more English, German, Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

It was nice to meet so many people, he told Norway News.

– I asked a family from Taiwan why they chose Norway, so far away. They said so many talk about Norway and show scary photos from Pulpit Rock on social media. The plateau 604 meter above the fjord is approximately flat, about. 25 × 25 meters and has no fence!

Walking up the mountain and enter the Pulpit Rock is free of charge.The Pulpit Rock Foundation charges 100 kr for parking to cover the costs of toilets and to keep the trail in good order. In 2013 and 2014 money was spent on 10 – 12 Sherpas from Nepal who laid stones and made stairs to make the path easer to walk. But I am sorry to tell, one of the Sherpas who worked here was killed buy the earthquake in Nepal this year, the mayor says.

By counting the numbers of cars times estimated 3 in each car, 205000 people visited Pulpit Rock in 2013. Last year about 250000 people went up to the plateau. This year it seams to be even more, I will guess up to 275000 people, Mayor Guse tells Norway News.

After two hours hike the profit is the great view from the pulpit, says Anna Choi from Korea.

The Lysefjord is 42 km long and 422 meter deep. Arriving by boat further in the fjord tourists may walk up the world´s longest wooden staircase with 4444 steps at Floerli. Near the end and about 1000 meter above the fjord is the famous stone bolt called Kjaerag.

Mr. Geir Yeh Fotland – Taiwan National Correspondent NORWAY NEWS.com
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