The Hollywood movie Lucy mainly shot in Taiwan now on Norwegian cinemas.


48252139353The female-driven science fiction action film was released all over Norway on September 12 this year. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is a young American student living in Taipei, Taiwan. But she gets tricked to work for a Korean mob boss and gets by accident a lot of a special narcotic crept into her body. Lucy reaches 100% of her cerebral capacity and begins thereby acquiring increasingly enhanced physical and mental capabilities.

Lucy ad on bus in Taipei.
Lucy is directed by French filmmaker Luc Besson. The name Lucy may be associated with his own name Luc. After I saw the film, it thought of the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” from 1967 as the title initials are LSD, a psychedelic drug. While the title in Taiwan became Lù xī, the title on Mainland China is Chāo tǐ, meaning Super Body.

To learn some Chinese phrases linked to Lucy:

The production is one of few major Hollywood movies shot mainly in Taiwan. In more then half of the movie´s 89 minutes, the actions take place against background showing Taipei´s landmarks as Taipei 101 (photo) and Regent Hotel. So for the audience in Taiwan it is so exciting to find familiar sceneries and faces in the film. For example, the door keeper actor at the hotel is son of the Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee who made the movie Life of Pi. (

Luc Besson chose Taipei out of eight cities. In an interview after the shooting of the film last year, he used the words “very photogenic” about the city, “extremely gentle” about its people, “extremely well trained” about the local actors and actresses and “extremely good” about the local technicians.

– The majority of reporters in Taiwan were cooperative, but I had clashes with two or three non-Taiwanese outlets, he said.

The starring US actress Scarlett Johansson said she had a wonderful time in Taiwan and made many new friends.

– The Taiwanese are very welcoming, so I am looking forward to come back, she said.

The film is about a female American student in Taipei. In reality, foreign students ARE increasing in Taiwan. Most students feel safer in Taipei then in their homeland. Wearing a red-white-blue t-shirt in Taipei this month, the Norwegian tourist Keith Brian Berg got in contact outside a MRT station with Danish Marie Laurfeldt Nielsen and her four peer Rotary exchange students, all from different countries (photo). Talking about Taiwan, the blond Marie recommends Taipei and says she has a great host family. She feels more confident in Taipei then in Copenhagen. The other girls agree when they compare Taipei with their home capitals. Females may feel safe in Taipei even in the evenings.

In the film, Lucy happens to kill a taxi driver because he can not speak English. Taipei taxi drives are not as in Norway often foreigners, but all are natives. Many do speak some English. According to the Taiwan based newspaper China Post, Taiwan Taxi Co is one of the largest taxi firms in the nation. It has cooperated with travel agencies and has put their drivers through English, Japanese and Korean courses. Metro Taxi organizes classes in regular English conversation. Crown Taxi encourages their drivers to take certification exams and offers to pay fees for classes.

The film is somewhat violent, so in Norway the age limit to watch the movie is 15 years.

Mr. Geir Yeh Fotland – Taiwan National Correspondent NORWAY
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